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1995, Texas.

To be honest, I made this blog for my own amusement and entertainment.
Anyway this blog is dedicated to my dream of starting some business in interior design or automobile/motorcycle branch.

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Gallup asks people in more than 120 countries each year whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with the freedom to choose what they do with their lives. In 2006, the U.S. ranked among the highest in the world for people reporting satisfaction with their level of freedom. After seven years and a 12-point decline, the U.S. no longer makes the top quartile worldwide.

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Goodbye America I’m moving to Dubai.

"We’re #1!"

hA, bU1LsHiT

That’s because Americans think they should be able to do what they want. I have a post on my blog that showed a chart with the prison population between now and 1972, for example. Instead of saying we need less crime, they say we need less laws. Less laws isn’t the answer, but because we are taught that America is supposed to be a free country people use that as an excuse to commit a crime (of course they don’t get away with it) or to claim dissatisfaction. In reality we are all very fortunate as a country, we don’t have a lot of rules that most countries have, but most try to take advantage of the “free country” and that results in all the dissatisfaction. If people just realized that we can’t do everything that we want and appreciated what we are able to do just about anything within reason. 

91% satisfaction (no shit, people are brainwashed here).

I was born in Texas, but because of my dad’s business-related matters, I live in Denmark, and one thing’s for sure: Freedom doesn’t seem to matter here, as it does in the US.

Around 1/3 Danes work for the Gov, 30-40% of Danes would identify themselves as socialists, 40% income tax and 25% VAT, no second amendment (even pepperspray and slingshots are illigal), the Danish IRS (SKAT) has more rights than the police ( they can enter your home whenever they want to), 7-11% of Danes vote for Enhedslisten (Radical Socialist party), and all other political parties (including the “right wing”) are proponents of the welfare state.

New laws are made up all the time, and people cheer upon losing their freedom. 

Also, the danish government is ecofascist, so gas prises are as high as 12-13kr per liter (9-10 dollars per gallon). No nice cars here, just old rusty hatchbacks. If you buy a new car, you pay 3 times the value of the car to get license plates. The gov. wants you out of your car, and onto a bicycle. 

And if anyone dares to ask questions about the taxes, people respond with the alltime classic: “But how would we get medical care?” Even though medical care is shit here compared to other european countries. 

VOTE REPUBLICAN or libertarian, or your country might end up looking like Denmark.